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Wood Flooring Maintenance Tips

Expert Tips from a Reliable Residential Flooring Company

Most homeowners in the area are investing in high-quality hardwood flooring installation. This is because it provides timeless beauty and elegance that can last for many years. Just like other investments, proper maintenance must be observed in order to prolong its lifespan. Hiring a reputable residential flooring company is the wisest decision you can make to ensure efficient flooring service, from installation to maintenance.

As a homeowner, how you care for your floor on a daily basis greatly affects its durability. As a reputable flooring company, we felt compelled to share with you the tips on how to properly care for your floor. Here it is to get us started;

Essential Care – On a regular basis, vacuum or sweep your floor using a soft-bristled broom or attachment. This is especially necessary for high-traffic areas like your living room. By doing this, you can prevent dirt, dust, and grime to build up which can scratch the surface of your floor. Avoid using vacuum cleaners with a beater bar or power rotary brush.

Additional Protection – Although you don’t rearrange your furniture regularly, constant use may cause its legs to scratch your floor. In order to protect it from scratches, you must invest in furniture pads and put it on all the legs of your furniture. You can also invest in high-quality floor mats. You can place them at the entrance and exits of your home. It could help collect and trap particles that can damage your wooden floors such as dirt, sand, and even asphalt. This way you can definitely reduce wear on your floor and maintain its beauty

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