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How Does Luxury Vinyl Plank Differ from Stand Vinyl?

Qualities of Luxury Vinyl Plank

Mimics natural materials, however, this kind of luxury vinyl flooring can take on one of two forms. It will either mimic stone, such as marble, slate, travertine, etc. or it mimics wood such as pine, walnut, teak, maple, and oak. Traditional vinyl flooring can sometimes mimic natural materials and sometimes it does not.

Sometimes this vinyl comes in the form of plank-shaped. One thing which does distinguish luxury vinyl tile, or LVT for short, is the shape of individual pieces. Traditional sheet vinyl flooring generally comes in room-widths and lengths in order to minimize or eliminate seams. Normal vinyl tiles are 12″x12″ or 16″x16″. Because it often mimics solid wood flooring, it is now available in plank shapes. With this respect, LVT and laminate flooring are in fact the same. Sizes may vary, however, the overall shape will be long and narrow. And the standard size is 7″ x 48″.

Composition. LVT is either 100% vinyl or a mix of vinyl and limestone. Any wood look LVF is made of 100% vinyl. Stone-look will sometimes contain minerals. For example, Armstrong’s Alterna is 75% limestone and 25% vinyl. However, you need to note only the base layer will be limestone, and the top layer is vinyl. Which means you will be looking and walking on a vinyl layer.

Layer composition

There is absolutely no difference in the number of layers between a traditional and luxury vinyl tile, just the thickness of them. Both have four layers, starting at the top and going down:

  1. Aluminum oxide: This is the top layer that will prevent minor scratching and shoe scuffs.
  2. Clear film: This protects against such damage, like rips and tears.
  3. Design layer: This is the photo print of either stone or wood.
  4. Backing layer: The base layer is the bones of the flooring, giving it structure and solidity. The backing layer usually comprises 90% of the product’s thickness.

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