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Questions We Are Regularly Asked

If the time has come to change the flooring in your home, first do some in-depth research before you commit to anything. However, since you are on this questions and answers page, provided by Sticks & Stone Custom Tile and Hardwood, we will take the opportunity to share answers to questions we get and why people decide to choose our residential and commercial flooring service over the competition.

Why hire your company?

We have been providing the residents of Salt Lake City, UT with quality work at reasonable prices since 2016. We have over fifteen years of industry experience and know everything about flooring work. Our reputation for reliability, hard work, integrity, and honesty, is also known. When we first opened our business, we invested in the best tools and equipment, and still insist upon using only the best quality materials. We also provide hardwood flooring installation, and you will be able to read more about our other services further in this article.

Are any debit/credit cards accepted?

Yes. Our flooring contractor takes cash, Visa, checks, MasterCard, AMEX, American Express, Discover, and most debit cards.

Do you only offer services to the residents of Salt Lake City, UT?

No. We also work in the following areas:

  • Millcreek, UT

  • Taylorsville, UT

  • Holladay, UT

  • Murray, UT

  • Cottonwood Heights, UT

Failure to see your area doesn’t necessarily mean we do not cover it. Call today and ask.

Does the company only work with residential customers?

No. We also deal with commercial clients.

What services can you offer me?

We can provide you with the following list:

  • Custom Inlay And Design

  • LVP, Tile |And Natural Stone Flooring

  • Engineered Wood

  • Cultured Stone

  • Hardwood

  • Pavers

Inquiries are encouraged. Anyone looking for further information on these services, please feel free to call us using the number included in this article.

What can I do to help with the arrival of your team?

Please, clear the room as much as possible, and, if you could ensure a clear path for us to bring in our tools and equipment, we would appreciate it. Also, any pets need to be kept somewhere while we are working.

What are your opening hours?

Sticks & Stone Custom Tile and Hardwood is open at the following times:

Monday – Saturday: 7 AM – 7 PM

Sunday: Closed

Are appointments compulsory?

This is not insisted upon. Although, we strongly recommend that you make one whenever possible, especially if you are a new client.

Can I get a free estimate?

Yes. Our services have been competitively priced, but there is always a chance that you may find them cheaper elsewhere. Bear in mind that you should never expect superior results when inferior materials are used by amateurs.

Is there feedback?

Yes, our website also includes a testimonials page. If you want further verification of our quality standards, make that your next stop once you are done here.

In summary of this questions and answers article, if you would like to proceed and make an appointment with a professional vinyl flooring contractor to discuss your job, or you have further questions not covered by this article, please feel free to contact us today at this number (801) 289-6618 within our working hours.